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Thank you for joining the Visium Team! We are very happy to welcome you.

We know insurance is confusing and we hope to give you as much information as possible to eliminate some of that confusion. The following are pieces of information which you will find useful.

Also, you can view the video on the left that will go into great detail on the various offerings of insurance from Visium Resources. 


For workers compensation information please click here.

** Please read over all of the information provided on each insurance plan, prior to making your selection. There are differences for each plan and know that most policies CANNOT be cancelled once the application is Approved and the plan put into effect.

** We MUST have a Decline or Accept for the Essential Staff Care policy returned to us ASAP after hire.

** Note that Essential Staff Care policies are not Major Medical Plans, they are more like supplemental policies which have the benefit of being portable (you can take it with you when leaving Visium) and somewhat cost effective. The benefits within the plan will not satisfy the individual mandate as defined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Fixed Indemnity Medical plan benefits provide a predetermined and fixed dollar amount for days/months of covered medical services.

** Visium does offer a Major Medical Plan, which is a Cigna plan. This plan is only available after the probationary period, which is typically 90 days after your start date. We will send applications upon the date that you become eligible for this plan. You MUST Decline or Accept within the application, as soon as possible…..please.

** Please be aware that employees who choose any insurance plan will be responsible for the employee portion of the cost of insurance. Typically, premiums are charged for a full month at the beginning of each month, although Visium will deduct the weekly portion of this premium throughout your work assignment.  What this means, is that any premium payments owed (for the full month), at the end of your assignment, will be subtracted from your last check OR is payable and due to Visium at the time of your end of assignment.

Major Medical Plans

Supplemental Insurance Plans